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At Harvest Creek, we know you care about the food you eat. If the answers below don't answer your questions, contact us so we can help!

What is Harvest Creek pouch?
Great question! You're probably familiar with Tuna in a pouch. Well, same idea, different protein! Much like the chicken you buy in a can, only now in an on-the-go pouch. Harvest Creek pouches are filled with premium chicken and flavored sauces. The plain pouch contains just good old fashioned premium chicken.
How do I eat it?
If you're on the go and hunger strikes, just tear the pouch and dig in! It's that simple! 
How big is a serving size?
A single pouch is 2.6oz.
What flavors are available?
Currently, Harvest Creek pouches come in four flavors: Buffalo Style, Chicken Salad, Lemon Pepper, and Plain, Visit our 'Products' page for more information.
Do I have to refrigerate the pouches?
Only once it's been opened. Just like canned chicken, Harvest Creek pouches can stay on the shelf in your pantry or even in your desk drawer at work. They are shelf-stable for up to two years!
What do they offer in terms of nutrition?
We're glad you asked! Each pouch is low in fat, and has no more than 1g of sugar. Protein values vary between 10-15g, and calories are 90 or less.
Will it fit in my lunch bag?
Harvest Creek pouches measure in at about 4.5"x6.25" so they fit in most lunch bags, backpacks, purses, and even in some jacket pockets!
What do you mean by "Get It To Go"?
Harvest Creek is the perfect snack to take with you everywhere you go. Its size makes it easy to pack, and it's flavor makes it easy to enjoy. Learn more about how it can fit in your busy lifestyle here: Get It To Go
Can I buy Harvest Creek pouches online?
Sadly, no. But there are thousands of retailers across the country that carry at least one flavor. Go to our 'Find a Retailer' page and find one closest to you!
Busy Mom with Harvest Creek
Golfers taking a break with Harvest Creek
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