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Working Out the Hangries with Harvest Creek

Woman stretching after workout.

If you're anything like me, you're never more hungry than you are after a workout. You put in the time. You burn the calories. You close your rings. Maybe you even drink that protein shake afterwards. You feel a sense of pride that you're actually doing it. Striving to be the best version of yourself and succeeding, one rep at a time! hour later...BOOM! You're STARVING. It's a 'could eat the shingles off the house' kind of hungry. You're snapping at the dog that's constantly underfoot. Frustration at any, and every, thing is building. You begin to see any "healthy" snack option as an affront to your needs and you sneer at them with disdain. A salad? In this state of mind? Please. Never gonna happen.

The hangries have arrived.

Your mind starts to turn to all the food in the house that would taste so good and would definitely fill that gaping hole that now occupies your stomach. The leftover Chinese? The chocolate chip cookies lingering from the weekend's festivities? Either would do the trick. But, you know that inevitably, as you're licking the chocolate remnants off your fingers or tossing the to-go box, you'll feel that guilt that always accompanies a post workout binge. "All that work for nothing." you'll think. Bring on the self loathing. The thought of it only fuels your now rampant hangry attitude. Who wants to deal with THAT?

Perfect pantry companion

You'll continue to ignore the bananas and apples staring you right in the face. The protein bar is met only with an eyeroll. Nope. This kind of hangry requires something more. Something with substance. You open the pantry for, what is likely, the third time. You see them. Normally, you'd save them for lunch at work or when you're on a hike but they are exactly what you need right now. Enough food to satiate the hunger and put an end to the dreadful hangries, but not enough to suffer a complete face-stuffing, shame-inducing event.

You can check the calorie guilt off the list because no matter which flavor you choose, it'll have 90 or less. Those are numbers you can live with. You don't have to worry about sugar (unlike with those cookies) because these bad boys tout only 1 gram of sugar or less. That's a win. With four flavors to choose from, there's always the risk of going into full-on paralysis by analysis trying to decide which flavor will bring the most satisfaction. But, luckily, there isn't a bad choice among them so you can just grab the first one you see.

Harvest Creek Chicken Salad

The pièce de résistance? They have up to 15 grams of protein. PROTEIN! You can actually feel good about eating them?! What!? Talk about the best of all the worlds. Delicious, guilt free and you didn't have to make a thing.

Now, as you scoop that last bit of delicious premium chicken out of the Harvest Creek pouch, you can actually feel the same way you felt right after the workout. That glorious sense of pride that you're actually doing it. Striving to be the best version of yourself...and succeeding!


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