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Road Trip Ready: Snack Essentials for a Smooth Ride!

Wait! I forgot the snacks! My husband has gotten used to this being the first thing I say as I shut the car door, reopen it, and run back inside the house. We have a five hour road trip ahead of us. The baby is babbling at himself in his mirror, the dogs are still panting in the back, and my dearest knows he has another minute to make the perfect road trip playlist. He doesn’t like to make stops once we get going, so he doesn’t fuss as I come back with a grocery bag full of car snacks. 

Pistachios, grapes, crackers, and Harvest Creek pouches. We try our best to keep the car clean, so mess free snacks are our go-to. (You could say it’s a lost cause with three dogs and a baby, but no harm in a little effort, right?) In my little wonder bag of various food items, are two forks as well. I don’t really need them, but they’re there just in case.

We are an hour and a half in, the baby has fallen asleep, the dogs are laying down quietly, my husband is song-quizzing me, and I’m already hungry. So, I reach into that little bag of snacks and grab one of the pouches. Buffalo Style, Lemon Pepper, Chicken Salad, or plain, I’ve got my pick. Any one of these I can pair with the crackers and I’ve got such a satisfying, easy snack on the go. I don’t have to ask my husband to stop at a fast food chain, where I will inevitably feel bad about all the fried food and the unnecessary money spent, and my husband can continue driving with no interruptions.

Tear the pouch open, scoop or squeeze, and enjoy. Seriously, it’s that easy. 


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